'I can't see my audience, do they even exist?'

Truthfully, as I write this I am met with immense levels of doubt. I guess this blog is an avenue to truly hear directly from me about my thoughts behind this brand. It's difficult at times to keep going and pursuing what you love if you feel as though people aren't responding and maybe never will.

I know what I've created with Erayọ is very very "niche' and may not necessarily be what people are immediately attracted to or interested in. I am fully aware everyone isn't like me who gets overly excited over the minute details put into an event. I am fully aware.

However, I remain hopeful. Hopeful that my audience does exist because this isn't something I just woke up one day and decided to pursue. God placed this on my heart and hence I rest assured that He will take control and drive the wheels of this Erayọ van to wherever He wants for it to go.

"Do you get doubtful at times? I mean it's inevitable if I'm being honest - but what do you do when you feel as though you're putting out content from your heart and are maybe not gaining the 100,000 likes or reviews that you may have dreamt of receiving? What do you do in those quiet moments where even 1 comment excites you?

I have decided that I must remain diligent in the little God has placed before me. I refuse to complain or compare myself because ultimately, we are running our own race and in business FOCUS must be maintained, I am learning this slowly & surely and hope you all can join me along for the ride as we

continue to evolve into the beautiful men & women God has destined for us to be.

Till next time,

Tolz ♡

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