Top Tips for Starting Your Own Website

Launching a website is a big deal, the tiniest detail could make a difference to the overall feel and look you'd want it to have. Be it a fashion blog or a lifestyle website, it's important to make sure you're creating something that people will enjoy looking at and will have a seamless layout that allows for simple & easy access.

When deciding how I'd want this website to look, I was inspired by a few others namely:

I loved how simple & sophisticated both looked but at the same time showcased a sense of personality where I could easily have an idea of what each person/business was about.

So with these amazing websites as canvases for my inspiration and using my own hands God created, I went back and forth on Wix, selecting my layout and modifying it to suit my aesthetic.

Without further ado, these are Tolz's Top Tips for launching your own website:


Don't go into it blind-sided as you'll come across several layout designs that might confuse you and it'll end up taking you longer to make a solid decision. So have a somewhat clear idea of what kind of aesthetic you're going for, be inspired by other websites and try not to mimic but simply streamline to suit you and your interests!

2. UNDERSTAND how the layout works:

There are always little twists & turns as to what can be uploaded, how you can upload it and spending some time playing around with it all will really help you to make well informed decisions as to where you want to place things and how you want to place them. The more you explore it, the more you get out of your layout!

3. Take the technical stuff SERIOUSLY:

Domain names, connecting your domain & more...sigh, this was hard work! But I can definitely recommend Wix in terms of the incredible customer service and support they offer (and the American accents on the phone aren't the worst thing to listen to ;)) Make sure you are well aware and fully understand all the technical aspects of creating your website because it really isn't as easy as you may assume - take my word for it!!

4. Keep it SIMPLE:

Try not to bombard the pages you create with too much information. Think of how you feel when you're at a lecture or class and the teacher decides to overfill their presentation to the point where the words are spilling out at the corners - not an attractive look right? Don't do the same to your viewers, short sentences, simple construction - it does the trick!

5. PROMOTE yourself:

Although a website might be the main platform that helps to bring everything you're into together, ensure that all your other socials are linked clearly to increase your level of following and for people to gain a different perspective of you and your business/blog. So for example, Erayọ's instagram page has more inspirational/biblical content which isn't necessarily the same for our website.

6. TIE UP all loose ends:

Remember this is how you appear to the world in essence, so ensure you are as meticulous as possible in dotting your i's and crossing your t's. Go through it again and again and again, even getting other people to proof-read it if possible.

And then you can FEARLESSLY & EXCITEDLY publish your site!

Publishing work that's authentic & original and all yours is pretty scary but moreso exciting and fulfilling. It gives you the opportunity to have something you're genuinely proud of and widens your skill set. I would recommend any young entrepreneurs or creatives like myself to definitely consider going through the process themselves gaining help where needed.

Till next time,

- Tolz ♡

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