Call me Joseph(ina) the Dreamer...

'Erayọ Events - a bespoke event planning business catered to anyone after a more personal touch to their special celebrations'

Though that's our description, I have huge dreams for Erayọ. Daily, God is showing me that Erayọ is going to be more than just an event planning business, it's going to be a global company with various wings exploring not one, not two but ALL of my interests, by His grace.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

For now, I'd like to share what's in the works for the near future as I'd love to carry you along on my journey and hopefully gain your help with ideas as well!

My number one priority right now is simply to invest. This investment will primarily go towards providing a bespoke Decor wing to run alongside our event planning as I feel it will benefit not just me but all future clients.

I would also like to become more charity based and feel as though this is the direction God has placed in my heart to focus on. I have been beyond privileged in life and I have no one but God and my incredible parents to thank for that! But I refuse to live under a rock and ignore the fact that there are people who do not gain access to the education I have, the health care I receive and so on. I would LOVE to get involved in any way I can, so volunteering and offering Erayọ's services is what I hope will become part of our expertise.

I won't lie, these dreams didn't come about over night! I've been so inspired by people around me doing amazing things. Prime examples are my beautiful friends: Lolade & Obehi. I lived with these girls during my 2nd year at University and their heart for people is outstanding. The way they care for others outside of our sheltered space baffled me and began to change my heart and open my eyes to notice those who might usually go unnoticed.

I'm so excited for what lies ahead and ultimately trust in God to take full control.

Sending you peace & love,

- Tolz ♡

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