~ What We Offer ~

We cater to events seeking that 'personal touch'. We are lovers of intimate moments and are pros at curating and capturing such moments!

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Birthday Parties 

  • Surprise Parties 

  • Bridal/Baby Showers 

  • Corporate Events e.g. conference receptions

  • Product/Brand Launches 

  • Charity Events 

Terms & Conditions


  • All prices are decided following the consultation period.

  • The price decided upon will be based solely on the event planning service taking into account the nature of your event and all travel costs.

  • Hence, all external payments e.g. towards decor, food, venue and so on should have been budgeted towards your event privately. 


  • FREE cancellations will be permitted provided clear notice is given 5 working days after consultation. A full refund will then be recoverable. 

*NB*: 'notice' will only be observed if given via email: erayoevents@gmail.com 

  • Erayọ Cancellations:  

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