~ Seasonal Services ~

This pertains to service packages/events which run seasonally i.e. in accordance with a specific time within the year. Again, the aim is to expand, enabling you to #ExperienceJoy beyond what's on offer in our standard/premium services. 

Please include: 
1. Your Name and Email 
2. Subject: 'OG 2.0'
3. Message:
- Your order selection
- Your contact number (or any preferable means of being contacted)


All you need to do is: 
1. Give us your NAME and EMAIL
2. Ensure the subject of the booking is titled: 'OPERATION:GRADUATE 2018' 
3. In your message, specify the following details 
  • The city you intend to have your graduation party 
  • The graduation date 
  • The time you wish for your party to begin and end 
  • The no. of people you wish to attend 
  • Any other details pertaining to your vision for this celebration 
We will be in touch upon receipt of your message offering a more specific quote in relation to your event as well as an official confirmation. 
You can make your booking right here, right now:

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