~ Premium Services ~

This pertains to special packages we introduce in order to expand and enable you to #ExperienceJoy beyond what's on offer in our standard services. 


Step 1: 
Book this package through our booking page. 
Please note: this service can only be booked 3 months prior (minimum!) to the event
Step 2:
You will be contacted for a detailed & thorough consultation session discussing EVERYTHING surrounding this event. 
Step 3: 
Once your payment for our services is received, plans will begin to be executed! 

What we will do:

  • COORDINATE ALL BOOKINGS: We will manage everything that goes into travelling so that includes: 
- transport e.g. flights, trains 
- accommodation 
- visas if required 
Hence, we will search & find the most reasonable options that will suit the specificities you highlight during the consultation period. We will then proceed to make or help you make these bookings once it is clear every individual involved is content with the results produced. ​
  • CREATE A DETAILED ITINERARY: We will create  a personalised handbook aimed at communicating all useful information concerning the activities you might be interested in partaking in and details about the terrain of the destination you choose. 
  • LIASE WITH YOU: Your voice is of optimum importance, hence we will keep a steady line of communication and keep you informed of developments throughout the planning process. 

What we will NOT do:

  • GO ON THE HOLIDAY WITH YOU: Unless you kindly choose to fully sponsor our travel, we will not be present during the duration of your destination experience. Our service is simply here to ease you in to the experience. However, we will remain available to be contacted throughout the duration should there be any issues that arise. We are also happy to accompany you on the day you leave to see you off (provided our transport costs are covered by you)
  • MAKE ANY BOOKINGS IN OUR NAME: This is always a troublesome situation, hence if you decide for us to make bookings on your behalf, we will always do so with your credentials and details
If you have any questions concerning this package please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page! 

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